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On the Shore

This painting tells a wonderful story. Older Brother has a technique for creating these sand castles that Younger Sister just can’t seem to grasp. She is desperate to figure it out. Her dismal attempts thus far lay strewn in front of her. You can see her laser-like gaze fixed on her brother and that her spine is tense with anticipation. Her hands clutch at the sand as she tries, so far without success, to mimic her brother’s abilities. In the meantime, both Older Brother and Middle Sister are oblivious to her angst and blithely continue on with their building. Will Younger Sister ever get the technique…that’s for you to finish the story!

I was drawn to this scene because of the symmetry and the natural theme of triangles and pyramids. The children arranged themselves into a triangular shape as were the sandcastles they were making. The sandcastles themselves fall into pyramids or triangular shapes as well.

From a technical perspective I loved painting the shadows and reflections of this scene. The sand, due to its’ irregular shapes and depths cast shadows onto itself. Painting sand is as challenging as painting a flag blowing in the breeze or a ruffled bed sheet where shadows are everywhere. I most especially enjoyed painting the colors that the kid’s clothing reflected onto their skin and into their shadows on the sand. Most people think of shadows as black but at certain angles color is reflected into shadow as well.

Watercolor on Arches 22x15 - Matted to 28x22

Available as Giclée Print and as Notecards

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