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Temple Offerings

This painting is from a temple in the Asakusa area of Tokyo Japan. The smoke from the incense burner is said to have healing and restorative powers. This painting was intriguing as I wanted to capture so much. First and foremost the atmosphere of being at the temple, conveying the emotions of the followers practicing their beliefs. Then there is the smoke, defusing light, it softens,obscures and changes colors and shapes of what you see, therefore connecting the place and the people together. All except for one, who although softened and blended in the midst of the crowd by the smoke, is alone and separate from the people around her.

Watercolor on Arches 11x15 - Matted to 16x20

Available as Giclée Print and as Notecards

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Roni Sumer Watercolors
Escondido, CA