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Evening Reflections

I was drawn to the relaxed private ambience of this long time couple as viewed through the window of the darkened and nearly deserted restaurant. They appear to be reflecting on the day spent or times past. I loved capturing all the different shadows and lighting, from the outside light’s glow on the exterior wall, window glass, and mirror on the wall, along with a few other street lights casting sparks of light on the window in front of the woman, cupboard and elsewhere, while all around the couple, glass and silver sparkle on the tables reflecting lights and candles around them. The eye travels further past the tables and chairs, to the softly lit wine racks, into the kitchen where the staff is at the moment, and then to the right into the room beyond.

Watercolor on Arches 30x22

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Giclee Prints:
Roni Sumer Watercolors
Escondido, CA