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The word Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is French for "to spray" and was given to the method of plate-less fine art printing developed in 1989. It is also the registered trade name for the IRIS printer. Images are scanned and stored digitally then sent to a high-resolution printer. Giclée prints have become renowned world wide due to the super fine resolution of 1800 dpi, (lithographs are printed at 300 dpi) and attention to detail. This technology produces incredible detail and brilliant color. The IRIS printer uses a continuous stream of minute ink droplets to layer the ink onto the paper or canvas, thus creating the look and feel of original fine art.

Museums throughout the world including the Louvre use Giclée prints to substitute works of art too fragile to be exhibited to the public. New York's Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim and the National Museum of Mexico all proudly display Giclées as part of their collections.

The Giclée process allows us to produce copies of my original works in rich and vibrant colors on 100% rag, archival watercolor paper. This achieves a high quality of fine art reproduction. Since the paper has texture and the watercolor ink is layered, the reproduction looks very close to the original. When framed and matted the results are quite spectacular. In order to provide you with the most affordable prices, we provide matting, but not frames.

The technology allows for reproduction of my original in a variety of sizes as the picture below shows. These Giclée prints were made from the same high definition digital image. The smallest image size is 8x10 and the largest is 30x40. The physical limitation of the IRIS printer is 33x46.

Las Bebidas by Roni Sumer matted to 9x12, 16x20, 29x36 and 36x46

All of my Giclée prints are personally signed and numbered. Your Giclée print should be displayed in low or indirect light, and kept away from humidity and moisture.

The notecards you will find on RoniSumer.com are also taken from my watercolor originals, but are not printed through the Giclée process. Rather, notecards are printed from the same high definition digital image using the latest color laser printing technology. The notecard stock is 110# and of high quality. Our printing process provides a true reproduction of the watercolor original that you will be proud to send to your friends, relatives and associates.

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