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Del Mar, CA USA  May 1, 2006
Roni Sumer Donates Artwork for Heather Tom Pre-Emmy Event
San Diego based artist Roni Sumer was asked to contribute her artwork to the “Daytime for Planned Parenthood, a Celebration of Women in Daytime Television” fundraiser sponsored by actress Heather Tom.  Ms. Tom star of daytimes ONE LIFE TO LIVE held the event at her home on April 26, 2006, as a pre-event to the nationally televised Daytime Emmy Awards. 
Ms. Sumer a contemporary impressionist whose studio is in Del Mar, California donated 160 prints or her artwork.  Among the titles were award winning paintings “Tempest”, “Temple Offerings”, “Winter Beach”, “Rainy Window View” and “Sunburst”.   The prints were run as a special edition just for the event.  The prints were included as part of a gift bag given to each of the attendees the night of the event.
Of the event Ms. Sumer said “I congratulate Heather on her continued support of women’s causes and I was honored to be asked to play a part in this one.” 
Roni Sumer’s lifelong commitment to the study of art began at Oberlin College of Fine Arts in Oberlin, Ohio where at an early age she received training in both the visual and performing arts. Her passion for both led her to continue her fine and performing arts studies at the Ohio State University in Columbus, after which she developed a modest acting career. Then in 1996, the artist discovered watercolor painting and has since devoted all her artistic energy toward the technique as well as building the body of work, which she is proud to share with you today. Her passion for shadow is evident both in her work and in her comments:
 “I am especially intrigued at painting shadow and the color that reflects into a shadow from the surrounding environment. Shadows exist wherever there is light; my watercolor paintings depict the bright color and the shadow.”
 “I like to use watercolors because the transparent paints flow together to create translucence and unique colors that reflect the emotions and rhythms I want to portray. Watercolor also allows me to capture that ever elusive shadow that I love to paint. As you view my paintings, look for the color and beauty of the subject but also look for the shadows!  In my Acrylic pieces my focus is on capturing the mood of movement and texture.”
Ms. Sumer whose subjects are taken from the real world, include figures, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, flowers and other scenes of nature is currently in the middle of a five month tour of Europe where she plans to create and release a series of paintings. 




Roni Sumer Watercolors
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