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    Great Artists are Great Innovators
When professional artist Roni Sumer got tired of searching for her color mixes, she got busy and invented Roni Sumer's ColorConductor™.  A unique, cleverly designed system, the ColorConductor is an easy way to index your paints, color match to your subject, compare hues and transparency, all at a glance.  Designed for use with watercolor, oil and acrylic paints, Roni Sumer's ColorConductor is used and appreciated by artists seeking to take their art to the next level
                Works with Oil, Acrylic
                and Watercolor paints

Stop wasting valuable painting time and losing your rhythm.
Makes a great gift for the Artist in your life! 
Only $24.95
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Color Mix Organizer for Artists
Works with Watercolor, Acrylics, Oils, Chinese Brush, Egg Tempera and all others

Take Your Art to the Next Level

• Portable
• Secure
• Accessible
• Flexible
• Provides consistent color mixes
• More time to paint
• More enjoyable painting time

 Mix Colors on Your Terms

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Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!
If in the first 30 days and for any reason, you are not satisfied with your ColorConductor™, you can return all materials for a full refund except shipping charges. Click here for Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee.

Available Now! Organize your colors and mixes in the way that makes sense to you and find them again without disruption to the flow of your work. Roni Sumer's ColorConductor Color Mix Organizer puts you in control of your color mixes.

Take your ColorConductor™ Color Mix Organizer with you to workshops and paint-outs. Document new color mixes immediately and find them days/weeks/months/years later without having to search through your notebooks and papers that have no cross-references. You arrange your organizer to your requirements and easily add to it or change it to meet your future needs.

The ColorConductor™ Color Mix Organizer for Artists contains two sets of cards printed on 140# watercolor paper using a special ink that won't run when wet but will still allow the paper to absorb your paint so that you can see the hue and judge the transparency.

The Palette and Tube ColorConductor™ card shows you colors in your inventory without digging through drawers and boxes to find tubes and swatches. Color match to your subject and compare at a glance the hues and transparency of all the paints you own.

The Mix ColorConductor™ card saves special color mixes instantly for later use. Includes space for notes, information about the paint, manufacturer and mix formulas. Saves time wasted on searching for that color you know you previously mixed, giving you more time to paint. The ColorConductor™ is portable so new mixes created at workshops or paint-outs can be immediately documented and filed in the organizer for later use.

The ColorConductor™ Organizer is a handsome vinyl clad 6-ring binder with a fold over end flap for safety and security. Inside the organizer are special archival plastic sleeves that store your ColorConductor™ cards. The sleeves allow easy viewing of your cards yet provide protection from the elements.

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Only $24.95

Complete Organizer Set includes:

  • Sturdy 6-ring binder with flap
  • 12 poly dividers w/tabs by color
  • 12 clear sleeves for P&T cards
  • 12 clear sleeves for Mix cards
  • 11 P&T cards (140# w/c paper)
  • 24 Mix cards (140# w/c paper)
  • 50 Page Notepad
  • Owner ID & Instruction page

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